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Making an article original is to ensure that a given text is original / unique and conveys the same information. For example, if you are given 1 paragraph of text below and you are asked to make it original, you need to read it and interpret it again.

Given Text:

In order for a rabbit to roam completely in the house, the house must be well insulated. If this is not done, the rabbit will gnaw on the things that it shouldn't (carpet, furniture edges and cables), it will both damage the furniture and put its own health at risk. Therefore, it is not recommended for the rabbit to roam 100 percent free in the house. If you want an animal that can roam freely in the house, the rabbit is not a good choice for this.

You Should Write:

If you want to feed the rabbit at home, you need to apply some processes in your house accordingly. Otherwise, the rabbit's gnawing habit will come into play and it will start to gnaw on furniture and cables, harming both itself and you. Since rabbits' habitats are suitable for nature, it may not be suitable for rabbits to be fed in the house. If you want to feed persistently, you may even need to make special guards for the feet of the furniture.

Things to Consider

As you can see, we have customized a paragraph given above and conveyed the same information to the readers with different words and sentences. If we used the sentences in the given paragraph exactly, it would show as a copy in the search engines, but we made it completely original with our own interpretation. The factors we pay attention to in this process are;

- First understand by reading, then interpreting to make it unique

- Accurate information transfer

- Checking that the information is unique

If you think that there are high similarities in the paragraph you wrote compared to the given paragraph, you can search for the sentences on Google and be sure that they are original.

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