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Housing Insurance

Housing Insurance

What is Housing Insurance?

Housing insurance is a type of insurance that secures your house against fire, earthquake, flood, flood, hail, theft, glass breakage, and many other possible damages, depending on the coverage.

What is Property Insurance?

Property insurance is a type of insurance that secures the goods in the specified address against theft, fire, earthquake, flood, flood, hail, and many other possible situations, according to the scope of coverage.

Why You Should Have Home and Property Insurance?

Housing insurance secures your house and your belongings against fire, earthquake, flood, flood, hail, theft, and many other possible situations at affordable prices.
Damages that may occur to the residence or the belongings (including broken glass)
Damages incurred during and after the theft
Situations not covered by compulsory earthquake insurance

  • boiler and air conditioner maintenance*
  • free carpet cleaning*
  • locksmith service*
  • Discount opportunity within the scope of installation, electricity, or contracted institution*
  • accommodation in a hotel if damage to the property occurs*
  • medical support opportunities*
  • death, permanent disability, and treatment coverage*

The coverages marked with * are valid within the coverage limits of the policy if any.

How is the Housing Construction Cost Calculated?

Housing construction cost is the cost obtained as a result of multiplying the square meter construction cost of the house with the total surface area calculated from the outside to the outside. In other words, the cost of building the house is not the sale value of the house, but the cost of rebuilding.The Housing Construction Cost Chart, which is jointly determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Finance, is taken into account in the square meter construction cost of the residence.

How is the Item Price Calculated?

Items belonging to the insured person and the family members living with him in the house, which are not included in the fixtures of the house, are accepted as a general definition.
The cost of goods is the cost calculated to repurchase and replace the goods on the date of insurance.


Housing and Property Insurance Renewal

Housing and property insurances are renewed annually. Home insurance renewal can be made by different insurance companies.

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