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Student Loan Features

student loans

What is Student Loan Features?

student loan; It is an important source of finance that you can benefit from for yourself or your children at all stages of the education process such as kindergarten, primary education, secondary education, higher education, and masters. A student loan helps your child get a good and quality education from the right educational institutions. You can use education loans not only for your children but also for yourself. Thanks to student loan support, you can complete your unfinished higher education, easily finance your graduate or doctoral expenses, or attend the certificate training required for your business.

You can have the necessary financial resources for education immediately and make your repayments easily. You can plan the annual or periodic school installments by dividing them into monthly terms and start paying the school installments without adding an extra burden to your budget. In addition to basic education expenses from student loan services; You can also benefit from covering additional tuition fees, basic course fees, accommodation, meals, transportation, exams, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Student Loan Application Requirements

Student Loan; It can be used to meet the financial expenses of students for educational institutions such as private schools, universities, and academies. In a student loan, you can transfer the loan amount to the school account in return for the student registration document and/or the document showing the school fee, or you can get the loan in cash against an invoice.

The basic documents required for the application are (for the applicant and guarantors):
Application form,
Original and photocopy of your identity card or driver’s license,
Document showing your income status,
The original invoice shows the tuition fee and/or the student registration document and/or the document showing the school fee.

How to Apply for a Student Loan?

You can visit our branches to apply for a student loan and to get more detailed information about loan conditions.


Student Loan Interest Rates

To examine the interest rates of student loans, examine the pages of the relevant banks.

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