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Things to Do to Save Electricity

Things to Do to Save Electricity

Rent, kitchen expenses, installments, clothing, education, culture, and arts… You allocate a certain part of your income to these types of expenses. However, the price increases you encounter may cause you to not be able to implement your budget planning as you think. So what’s the solution? Of course to save! It may be difficult to save money in areas such as rent and education costs, but you can significantly reduce your expenses by saving energy.
“How to save electricity?”, which has been on the agenda recently in this content. We will consider the topic. Now, let’s list ways to save electricity.

Don’t Leave Light Bulbs On Unnecessarily

No matter what area you want to save money in, the first step is to assess whether you need it or not. So if your goal is to reduce the amount of electricity bill, at this point, you should turn off the light bulbs in areas where you do not need lighting. We also recommend that you turn off the lights when leaving a room, even if you’ll be back in a few minutes. Because a light bulb burns unnecessarily for 5 minutes every day; 150 minutes a month, 1800 minutes a year, that is, 30 hours is wasted. In short, even 5 minutes is of great importance in saving.

Unplug the Electronic Items You Are Not Using

A kettle or television that is plugged in even though it is turned off, your charger that you do not unplug after charging your phone… If you think that products that are plugged into the socket but you do not use do not consume electricity, you are wrong. Because electronic products that are plugged in continue to consume electricity, although not as much as when they work. For this reason, unplugging electronic products that you do not use is among the measures to be taken to save electricity. If you don’t want your electronic devices plugged into the socket to consume electricity, you can also choose energy-saving sockets. Thanks to these sockets, your electronic devices will not be in “stand by” mode even if you plug them in, so they do not consume electricity.

Prefer Energy Saving Bulbs

“What should we do to save electricity?” One of the answers to the question is hidden in the bulbs you choose. So, which bulbs will be used to save electricity?
We recommend that you use your preference for LED bulb options. Because LED bulbs can consume 80% less energy than incandescent (classic) bulbs. In addition, the fact that incandescent bulbs can produce the light level they produce with lower Watts also helps you save energy. In addition, the fact that LED bulbs have a lifespan of about 10 years is another point that contributes to your budget.
In addition to LED lighting products, solar lamps that you can use in areas such as gardens and balconies are one of the ways to reduce electricity consumption. Thanks to these products, which illuminate your evenings thanks to the energy they receive from the sun, the reflection of the garden and balcony lighting on your bill will be eliminated.
Pay Attention to Energy Class When Buying New White Goods
Undoubtedly, the “How to save energy at home?” question has a direct relationship with white goods! Although some points that you should pay attention to during use contribute to saving electricity, we can say that energy classes are more important in this regard. Now, let’s briefly explain what energy classes are and list the classes that will reduce your energy consumption.
Energy classes; It is expressed with letters and a plus sign, it gives information about the amount of energy consumed by the electrical products you use. As you progress through the alphabet, energy efficiency drops; that is, a washing machine with energy class A is more efficient than energy class B. The plus (+) sign is only added to the A energy class. The higher the plus sign, the higher the energy efficiency. In other words, A+++ saves more energy than A+. So, how can we reduce the energy consumed by which white goods?

Tips to Consume Less Electricity When Using Refrigerators and Freezers

As strange as it may sound, placing the refrigerator and freezer in the right place can affect the rate of energy they consume. For this reason, you should position the refrigerator and freezer out of the sun and in a way that the back and sides can breathe.
Your refrigerator and freezer work to maintain the temperature setting you have set. Opening the doors frequently, placing hot food, or placing more food than their capacity may cause these appliances to work harder to maintain the temperature you set. This may increase energy consumption.
Setting the refrigerator temperature setting to a lower than ideal level causes both food deterioration and increased electricity consumption. Ideal temperature; +4°C for the refrigerator section and -18°C for the freezer section.
Tips to Consume Less Electricity While Using the Washing Machine and Dishwasher
It takes a lot of effort to run the washing machine and dishwasher before they are full.