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Which Country Uses Solar Energy Most?

solar energy companies in my area

Which countries benefit from solar energy, which countries are leaders in solar energy, and which country uses solar energy the most? We tried to find answers to their questions.

Solar energy companies in my area

Instead of producing energy with fossil fuels, many countries are realizing the importance of solar energy and are developing solar energy and electricity production facilities. It is known that the power produced by solar energy is cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Solar Energy investments, which create a great opportunity for countries with an energy deficit, continue to increase every year.

The world currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. However, some parts of the planet are investing heavily in renewable solar energy, funding massive projects, and encouraging consumers to use panels more in their home environments. Both activities create a huge amount of job opportunities and ultimately pave the way for a sustainable future in the energy industry.

Chinese Solar energy companies in my area

The country with the largest solar energy production in the world is China. Asian countries invest heavily in solar energy and the world’s best equipment comes from Asian countries. Most of the equipment added in the last few years to generate solar power in the country is produced locally. China is also the largest producer of both photovoltaic (using solar panels) and solar thermal power generation. The three largest photovoltaic power stations are located in China, including the largest solar-generating desert park.

United States of America solar energy companies

The United States has always been a strong contender in the list of countries with the most solar power generation. America, which is the second country that produces the most solar energy in the world, is also home to the world’s largest solar power plants with a solar energy capacity of 10,600 MW and 50 GW.
California is the leader in America’s solar power generation. Most of the solar energy produced in the United States comes from photovoltaic systems that use solar panels on rooftops.


The United States encourages individuals and companies to use solar energy. Nearly 29 countries have set rules mandating the production of renewable energy. Besides, people are increasingly interested in renewable energy, and more than 700,000 home and commercial companies in the United States have already started generating solar power through solar systems.

Japan Solar energy companies in my area

Japan is the 3rd country that produces the most solar energy. Japan has been expanding its solar power generation research since the early 1990s. After the nuclear accident in 2005, Japan closed many nuclear power plants in the country and a source of renewable energy was found without the need for nuclear power plants. The Japanese government also aims to produce 10% of the annual energy demand in the country with solar energy in a short time.

Germany solar energy

The country produces almost all of the solar energy produced from photovoltaic panels. 8.6% of the electricity used in the country comes from solar energy.
Germany has been a key leader in PV power generation for years and was the country with the highest ranking for solar PV per capita in 2019. It aims to obtain 80% of its electricity from renewable sources using renewable energy sources.

Turkey solar energy companies

Turkey has an installed capacity of 1.5 percent of the world’s production of solar energy. Turkey is located in very lucky geography in terms of geographical location. Opportunities to generate solar energy are extremely high. Turkey has an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. Turkey produces approximately 5.1% of its annual energy demand with solar energy.

Order Country Production (MW) Total Consumption
1 Chinese Solar energy companies in my area 204,7 % 3,9
2 United States Solar energy companies in my area 75,9 % 2.0
3 Japan Solar energy companies in my area 63,1 % 7,6
4 Germany Solar energy companies in my area 49,2 % 8,6
5 India Solar energy companies in my area 45,8 % 7,9
6 Italy Solar energy companies in my area 20,8 % 7,5
7 Australia Solar energy companies in my area 15,9 % 8,1
8 United Kingdom Solar energy companies in my area 13,3 % 4,0
9 South Korea Solar energy companies in my area 11,2 % 3,1
10 France Solar energy companies in my area 9,9 % 2,4
11 Spain 8,7 % 4,8
12 Netherlands 6,7 % 3,6
13 Turkey 5,9 % 5,1
14  Vietnam 5,6 % 1,4
15 Ukraine 4,8 % 1,3
16 Brazil 4,5 % 1.7
17 Belgium 4,5 % 5,7
18 Mexico 4,4 % 2,6
19 Taiwan 4,1 %3,5
20 Canada 3,3 % 0,6
21 Thailand 2,9 % 2,3
22 Greece 2,7 % 8,1
23 Chile 2,6 % 8,5
24 South Africa 2,5 % 1,4
25 Switzerland 2,5 % 3.6
26 Czech Republic 2,1 % 3,5
27 United Arab Emirates 1,7 % 1,3
28 Egypt 1,6 % 1.,3
29 Austria 1,5 % 2.0
30 Romania 1,3 % 2.8
31 Pakistan 1,3 % 2,1
32 Poland 1,3 % 2,3
33 Hungary 1,2 % 1,3
34 Israel 1,1 % 8,7
35 Bulgaria 1,1 % 3,8
36 Denmark 1,1 % 2,9
37 Russia 1,1 % 1,3
38 Jordan 1,1 % 1,3

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