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America’s Best Web Hosting Providers 2022

America's Best Hosting Providers 2022

How was the ranking of the best American hosting providers created?
Many companies operate in the United States and have established traditions in the field of hosting. Speed ​​is one of the most important criteria in the modern internet world. Of course, in addition to speed, quality must always be in place. Hosting providers are also aware of this.

However, all hosting companies differ from each other in terms of speed, quality, price, performance, and support. While some of them perform very well, they are above the average in terms of prices, while others can provide mediocre services at affordable prices. However, as we mentioned above, there is a very competitive environment in today’s hosting industry. Therefore, hosting companies do their best to gain customers.

Best Hosting Providers 2022

While this is the case, it is possible to get both affordable prices and high-performance hosting services with little research. As the options increase, it becomes more and more difficult to choose the company that will meet the hosting needs.

Best Hosting Providers

Best Hosting Providers

Many questions should be kept in mind when buying hosting services, such as what kind of industry to operate in, what our budget is, what performance is expected, how the hosting should be in terms of area and similar features, and the duration of the service to be received.

In short, it is the event itself to determine your needs before receiving this service and to choose the most suitable one in terms of both price and quality in general in line with these needs.

Since we are aware of the process of choosing a hosting company, which is becoming a difficult task for both first-time service users and professionals, and we want to make this job very easy for you, we have prepared this guide to help you.


All measurements in this guide have been made from a user’s perspective and objectively. No hosting provider has been evaluated from a biased perspective in the name of any sponsorship in this guide. Therefore, we want you to know that our guide is the most comprehensive in terms of both objectivity and detail.

So how did you rate all these hosting providers? What criteria did you use? How long did it take you to complete this evaluation work? We can hear you asking these questions. Now is the time to answer these questions. Let’s take a look at the working process and content of our guide together.

As Websiteplanet, we have made our evaluations impartially in terms of ease of use, features, pricing, support, and performance of the site, without considering the temporary discounts offered by hosting companies.

To perform our evaluations, we bought the most affordable hosting packages from each hosting company. From the time we bought these hosting packages until we completed our evaluation, we acted like ordinary users. We temporarily installed a WordPress site on each hosting we purchased and ran our tests on WordPress.

Again, we acted like an average user while making our evaluation in terms of customer service. We interacted with the support team at various times of the day on weekdays and weekends. Thus, we were able to determine the support efficiency and whether they delivered what they promised before the purchase.


As another important factor, of course, we also considered the price. As part of the review, we evaluated both hosting providers’ general pricing policy and refund policies in terms of pricing.

Because although we have evaluated in detail, some features may be changed over time. Therefore, you can work with hosting providers that are especially flexible in terms of refund policies and request a refund if you are not satisfied.

With our extensive work, it is possible to find the best and most affordable prices of the American hosting providers we have chosen according to all these criteria.

Now we can move on to the details of our work. You can find out which hosting providers we choose, how successful they are in the field and their local and global work in the continuation of the article.

What are the best web hosting providers in America?
Let’s examine the hosting companies that provide the best quality service in America according to the data we have obtained as a result of our evaluations.

  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost
  • iPage
  • GoDaddy
  • hostwinds
  • HostPapa
  • Hostinger
  • site ground

By clicking on the hosting providers in the list, you can go to the individual reviews we have done for them and browse for detailed information.