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Houston Maritime Attorneys

Houston Maritime Attorneys

The need for Houston maritime attorney resulted from the inadequacy of other branches of attorney in Houston maritime trade and the resolution of disputes arising from this trade. Most of the trade-in large tonnages in the world is carried out by the sea. Offshore accident lawyer

This leads to an increase in the importance given to Houston maritime trade and therefore to Houston maritime attorneys. Legal support is absolutely necessary for the execution of the subjects within the scope of the Houston maritime attorney and for the resolution of disputes that may arise in these matters. Houston maritime attorneys provide services for this.

What is Houston maritime Commercial Attorney?

All kinds of legal regulations related to the trade that will take place in the seas are called Houston maritime commercial attorneys. This attorney includes not only trade but also many issues such as the rights of ship workers and insurance services.

What Does Houston maritime Commercial Attorney Cover?

Houston maritime attorney covers all subjects from the arrangement of commercial vessels to the documents required, from the ship’s employees to the way the trade is conducted.

In addition to these, Houston maritime commercial attorney includes the provisions of the following agreements, especially the constitution;

  • Convention on the limitation of liability for Houston maritime claims
  • International convention on the pledge of Houston maritime commercial vehicles
  • International convention on exemptions from state ships
  • International convention on the limitation of shipowners’ responsibilities
  • Montreux convention
  • International convention on the unification of certain rules relating to the bill of lading
  • International convention on damages from oil pollution
  • Attorney of the sea treaties to which states are parties

The majority of these agreements and contracts have been made to prevent or at least reduce the conflicts that may occur in Houston maritime attorneys. For this reason, the attorney is yet to be preferred in the Houston maritime attorney yet Istanbul searches should also know these contracts well.

What are the Rights of Ship Employees under Houston maritime Commercial Attorney?
Within the scope of Houston maritime attorney, ship employees have certain rights.

Offshore accident lawyer These rights are listed as follows;

Ship employees must have worked on the ship for at least six months in order to be entitled to annual paid leave. Ship employees who serve between six months and one year are given fifteen days of paid leave, and those with more than one year of service are given one month of paid leave a year.
The probationary period for ship workers has been determined as one month.
Ship workers are entitled to extra working wages for working more than forty-eight hours a week.
Ship employees who have worked on the ship for at least one year are entitled to severance pay.
If their employment contract is terminated due to arrest, ship employees cannot benefit from severance pay.
If the ship’s employee is not paid, they have the right to terminate the employment contract and in this case, they can receive severance pay.
The daily working time of ship workers is eight hours. This period is determined as forty-eight hours per week. These times include being on shift.
The weekly working time of the ship’s employees is limited to a maximum of six days. Ship employees who fill their weekly working hours have the opportunity to take a vacation for the rest of the time.
Ship workers have seven days of the way free of charge.
Ship crews have three days of paid leave to marry
The indefinite employment contracts of the ship’s employees cannot be broken until six months have passed from their employment.
In addition to these rights, ship employees can also benefit from the rights of other employees in the same way.

Which Court Hears Houston maritime Trade Cases?
Commercial courts are assigned to deal with cases within the scope of Houston maritime attorneys. Offshore accident lawyer for these cases, it is necessary to follow and know the current legislation very well. For this reason, the experience should be given importance in Houston maritime attorney yet Istanbul searches for legal support in Houston maritime trade problems. If Houston maritime trade is carried out with a foreign country, in this case, the issues of how to open and execute the attorney suits are made in accordance with the principles of international commercial attorney. For this reason, the attorneys to be preferred should have a good command of international Houston maritime trade issues and all legislation.

What Does a Houston maritime Attorneyyer Do?
Houston maritime attorney attorneys provide important services for the smooth functioning of Houston maritime trade and the resolution of disputes that occur.

Other issues that Houston maritime attorney attorneys provide services are listed as follows;

  • Removing the mortgage on the ship or placing a mortgage on the ship due to trade receivables
  • Representing companies in international business negotiations
  • Examining the damage assessment and determination reports and taking necessary actions
  • Execution of necessary legal procedures within the scope of customs attorney
  • To provide legal support in solving the problems arising from the responsibilities of the equipment to the cargo and personnel
  • Providing legal support for the preparation of freight contracts and the resolution of disputes arising from these contracts
  • To represent the owner in the attorney suits filed regarding the damage to the goods transported within the scope of Houston maritime trade
  • To provide legal support in solving problems arising from the responsibilities of ship employees
  • To provide legal support for the resolution of grievances arising from conflict and bonding reasons.
  • Providing legal support for the fulfillment of legal insurance obligations
  • Giving a legal opinion on bills of lading
  • Providing legal support in resolving disputes arising from freight contracts
  • Ensuring that contracts required for Houston maritime trade are concluded in accordance with the attorney.

offshore accident lawyer In addition to these services, Houston maritime attorneys also provide consultancy services to companies engaged in trade on all matters within the scope of Houston maritime attorneys.
Sources of Houston maritime Attorney
Houston maritime commercial attorney has three valid sources.

The first of these is the contracts and some of the important contracts are as follows;

Goods Carriage Contract (1918)
Brussels Convention (1919)
London Convention (Relating to Rescue)
The second source of Houston maritime attorneys is attorneys.

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Required Documents for Houston maritime Trade
There are three basic documents required to be able to do Houston maritime trade. The first of these is the bill of lading and this document shows who owns the goods. The bill of lading also contains the terms of the shipment. The second document is the freight agreement and this document is the carriage between the owner and the carrier.