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You Can Drink After Botox

You Can Drink After Botox

No matter how easy it may seem to preserve our beauty, we have to work hard one way or another. After filling and botox, we can quickly mix with normal life, but not doing some things right away is necessary for the benefit of the treatment to last long.
No matter how easy it may seem to preserve our beauty, we have to work hard one way or another. After filling and botox, we can quickly mix with normal life, but not doing some things right away is necessary for the benefit of the treatment to last long. At this point, I wanted to list to you what we should do and do. This is a list that is completely based on the complaints and suggestions of you, my patients.

What are fillers and botox?

Fillers are used to eliminating facial wrinkles and tissue loss or deficiencies. Fillers give very good results, especially for the lines formed between the lips, nose, and cheeks, smoothing the contour around the lips and lip plumper, allowing us to achieve a younger appearance. The application is done in a short time like 10-15 minutes and the effect is immediately visible.

We divide the fillers into 3 groups according to their permanence times.

Temporary fillers (5-12 months): They contain collagen or hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, etc.).

Semi-permanent (1-2 years): They contain calcium hydroxylapatite or dextran (Radiesse and Reviderm).


Botulinum toxin, defined by the name Botox (botox): Is a substance obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This substance is marketed under 2 different names as approved: Dysport (England) and Botox (Ireland).
Although Botox is used in many areas of medicine such as eye and neurological diseases, it is applied in the field of aesthetics to reduce the movements of facial mimic muscles and therefore the lines that occur due to mimics. As a result of the long-term work of the mimic muscles, the lines are most commonly seen on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and around the mouth. Botox is especially preferred for removing wrinkles on the upper half of the face (forehead lines, lines between eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes).
Let’s get to our main topic…

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What do we do after filling and botox, what do we do for our benefit?

Can I go to the gym after the procedure? Can I Practice Yoga?

Do not exercise on the day of the procedure.

Can I go to the sauna?

Do not go for 1 day, the sauna increases swelling.


Can I go to the hairdresser? Can I dye my hair and get my eyebrows removed?

Don’t go on the same day. If you want to go on the same day, first go to the hairdresser and then to the doctor. If you go to the doctor first, cancel your hairdresser appointment. Do not dye hair and eyebrows on the same day.

Can I have skincare done on the same day?

Do not get skincare done on the same day. You can have it done after 1 week at the earliest. If you want, have your skincare has done before filling or botox treatment.

After Botox Can I enter the pool?

Since there is a high risk of infection from the pool, it is necessary not to enter the pool for at least 3 days. This actually applies to all needlework.

After Botox Can I have dental treatment?

It is forbidden to have dental treatment in the same period as the fillings around the mouth. Because the infection in the tooth affects the filling around the mouth. If possible, have your dental treatment done before the filling process. It reduces the risk of possible infection. You can have your dental treatment done 2 weeks after the filling.


I have herpes on my lip, can I have lip fillers?

Lip augmentation is not performed when active herpes is present. If you have frequent cold sores, use appropriate antiviral creams before and after the procedure. Inform your doctor about this.

Can I put on make-up immediately after the procedure?

We also prefer that you do not use make-up materials and brushes against possible infection.

Can I use sunscreen or anti-bruising creams?

Yes, colorless sunscreen and drugstore creams can be used.

Is lying position important after the procedure?

Yes, you should not lie face down for 4 hours after all procedures. It is preferable that you sleep on a high pillow and on your back at night. Relieves possible swelling.

Can I have a laser?

Don’t get it done on the same day as both jobs have payment. A laser can be done before or 2 days after filling botox…


You can Drink After Botox ?

It does not have an excessive effect, only excessively consumed drink increases possible edema. Eating is not a problem, little alcohol can be consumed.

What should I do if there is a palpable swelling after the filling?

Massage, if your complaint persists, contact your doctor. Treatment is possible.

I have a wedding or an important meeting. How many days in advance can I get a filling done?

It will be beneficial for you to have it done 2 weeks ago.


I have excessive acne, can I have fillers?

The filling is not applied to the infected area. It can be done if there is no acne in the application area. Or, as a precaution, antibiotics can be given in the form of creams and tablets. Do in acne scars